the magic carpet


The family was coming for Christmas, and it was time to get some rugs on the floor at the Lake House. So I headed to the local Rug and Home store to start the process.

I think I became the salesman’s worst nightmare.

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walk the plank


I figured I’d start with the after, cause no one likes to REALLY see those “before” pics at the top, do they?

Ok, ok….  here is the before:


This is the family room the way it looked before. The previous owners used it as a study, a library, a TV room, and a litter box (I’m not kidding).

See that little cut-out next to the wastebasket? That is a kitty door.

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the orange chair


Just when I had gotten my perfect little waterfront condo all done up in it’s pretty pale blues and green, Summer boy inherited an AMAZING orange chair.

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